Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's Time

I have been debating on whether or not to do this post for a couple of weeks.  After careful thought, I've finally decided to write it.

After almost 6 years of writing and 1,167 posts, I have decided to discontinue writing this blog.  It's time. My heart just isn't there anymore.  I always did it for myself first and foremost but I do like when others read my posts.  My readership has dwindled a lot since the fall of 2012 and that does impact me a little bit in my decision.  

I believe the quality of my posts have suffered as well.  In recent posts, I'm blogging just to blog and quickly document what I've done instead of taking my time and enjoying it.  

I'm still living my life the same as what I was before, going out with friends, seeing family, activities with M and all that but now I'm a lot like you...I'm not writing about my on-goings and but experiencing them for what they are.

I do have to say that living my experiences without blogging about it and having to take pictures has been freeing.  That's a good sign at I'm making the right decision.

Will I ever start to write again?  I'm not sure, but at least not for a while.  

I thank you for visiting this blog and it will be here for you to reference going forward.  At some point I might make it private but you'll still be able to access it with your Google account.

I will still see a lot of you readers in person so this isn't really goodbye.  It's just until next time.



Ang said...

I fully understand your decision! I'm sure we'll still chat on other social media sites... :-)

Kim Lindstrom said...

I will miss reading it, Dana. It helped me keep up with you and M. I do understand, as it must take a lot of time to keep it up. Thank you for starting it! See you around!
Love, Kim Lindstrom

Dana said...

Ang, of course we will still chat. I won't even rule out us seeing each other in person as well. :)

Dana said...

Kim, thanks for being a loyal reader!

Jamie said...

I will miss it too but think it's a good decision.